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London Hall Ballet School

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful dancers.

dance lessons for all ages

collective of amazing people striving to build delightful dancers.

We run dance lessons for all ages, in a  very friendly, learning environment, with highly skilled instructors. Our Dance and ballets students experience and enjoy ballet to the full, along with tap tap and modern, dance. Our classes are held in our own highly respect hall and school.


Many of our students study the highly acclaimed Royal Academy of Dance – syllabus and are taught by fully qualified teachers from  Royal Academy of Dance. Our ballet classes are offered to children from 4 years onwards. 

At London Hall Ballet School we open the whole world up to our students, exposing them to the wonderful different perspectives and experiences throughout their technical training and time with us

Dance School of The Year

3 Times winner | 2011 2013 2015

Adult Dance

Our Academy offers adult Dance Classes and a great Lesson structure we also have an extensive range of styles and disciplines, all the way across all levels of experience – don’t worry so whether you’re setting foot on any dance floor for the first time, or  have many years of experience, we have a class for you.

What we offer many extras :

Our Core Dance

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Ballet Movements of Ballet are artistic dance form performed to music movements , using precise and highly formalised set steps and gestures..

Tap dancing is a truly rhythmic form of dance characterised by the amazing sound of special shoes striking the floor.

A rhythmic dance style which began and originated in America before travelling around the rest of the world.

Our Promise

At our creative and performing arts school we strive to deliver the very highest standards.


You have to start somewhere In the world of Dance, and there’s no certainly no better place to learn to dance than on our new Absolute Beginners Dance Classes.


Ballet – Contact Improvisation – Choreography & Repertoire – Strength & Flexibility – Contemporary – Fitness


HERE  you can find out more about Find out more about our international auditions and video applications.

Part And Full Time Dancer Training

At our core school we train dancers full-time, part-time and also during our annual Intensive Courses, find out more.

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